Demonstrating progress is important for everyone involved in the care and support of the children who live at Birribi.  

 We use a nationally validated tool, the Outcomes Star, to do this. The Outcome Star covers areas including friends and relationships, personal safety, healthy living, life skills,  emotions and feelings, self-esteem and education, training and work. The children find is very accessible, they and staff can see the progression through its integrated and collaborative approach, this helps the children reach a greater sense of empowerment and control of their future. 

 The Outcome Star supports the development of an Action plan which guides key working and references the actions identified in the Care and Support plan.  

 We review and update the Outcome Star at regular intervals and use this information to plan future interventions. It helps to provide clarity about the young person’s progress at Birirbi in key areas of their lives and is used to support the development of CLA reports.


Birribi works in collaboration with Youthinc CIC, a social enterprise. Together we offer therapeutic care for children & young people.