Independent Living Skills

Everyday living skills are an integral part of social development. In learning to take care of themselves, children and young people are encouraged to carry out a range of domestic tasks as part of the daily routine of the home. These are tailored to the individual age and ability level and range from baking to helping with the household shopping trips. 

Children are supported and encouraged to make choices and decisions based on their immediate, as well as their future needs and wishes. Working alongside the coaches (particularly the keyworkers and the education staff) children are encouraged to create a trackable development path. This encourages independence as well as a sense of purpose, identity and achievement.  

During monthly meetings between home and education staff, continued discussions with the children ensure that agreed activities in developing independent skills are reviewed and monitored closely. 

Further opportunities for developing these skills are delivered through the daily curriculum in PSHE and outdoor learning as well as through accredited courses such as ASDAN and entry level WJEC activities.

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