Bringing positive emotional wellbeing into the heart of therapeutic residential care.

Birribi holds an overarching therapeutic approach which promotes wellbeing and aims to achieve positive outcomes for children and young people. Each home is based on a Therapeutic Community model which becomes the ‘stable base’ for recovery and healing from past harm, losses and trauma. The care staff, or ‘coaches’ use our social learning model and work to agreed plans and help young people to form trusting relationships with adults and their peers. They provide consistency in how to develop positive social skills and communication.  We measure how children are progressing using the Outcome Star.


Coronavirus update:
Birribi is closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact. We are taking government advice & guidance in order to ensure our staff and young people are safe, as well as taking measures to reduce virus spread. As always, we are putting people & all involved in Birribi first while maintaining our high levels of service and care. This statement will be regularly updated as the latest advice from Public Health (Wales), CIW and Estyn. Click here to download our eight point plan.


Birribi is regulated by Care Inspectorate Wales – CIW.

We work to the Code of Practice for Social Care guidelines set down by Social Care Wales – SCW.

Our independent school is regulated by Estyn – inspecting quality and standards in education and training.

About Birribi

where young people can gather, and flourish...

In case you are curious, Birribi means gathering. Concentric circles in our logo represent a place of care whilst the lines in and out show the journeys of people entering our homes and moving on as individuals. Life is a constant flow.

Birribi works in collaboration with Youthinc CIC, a social enterprise. Together we offer therapeutic care for children & young people.