Emotional Wellbeing

Birribi holds an overarching therapeutic approach, the YCIA, an aspect of this  promotes wellbeing and aims to achieve positive outcomes for children and young people. Each home creates a supportive environment which becomes the ‘stable base’ for recovery and healing from past harm, losses and trauma. The care staff, or ‘coaches’ enable young people to form trusting relationships with adults, provide consistency in how they support pro-social skills development and provide consistent responses to any problematic behaviour patterns. 


We promote communication and social skills learning that is informed by the Care and Support Plan with clear structures set out for safe and appropriate boundaries and negotiating disagreements. Within the therapeutic model we look for strengths, qualities, and opportunities for young people to build friendships, and experience positive interactions with peers. The Care and Support plan takes birth family into consideration, to include an understanding of how early attachment relationships and childhood experiences have impacted on a young person’s current patterns in relationships with adults and caregivers. Our model is Systemic and which means we also work with the wider family where possible helping to improve communication and form better relationships.  

The Care and Support Plan includes building motivation and engagement in education. The Lead Teacher for Birribi Education brings in contributions to the Care and Support plan. Whether a young person is in an education placement at Birribi or in mainstream education, the Lead Teacher will help to understand the young person’s learning needs and bring learning support into residential planning. 


Therapeutic Interventions
Emotional Wellbeing

Birribi works in collaboration with Youthinc CIC, a social enterprise. Together we offer therapeutic care for children & young people.