At Birribi we understand the importance of helping children integrate within their local community. We support children and young people in engaging with a wide variety of community activities including youth clubs, sports, volunteering and work experience.

Our aim is that Birribi as a local business and employer is connected to local community groups and services. Our organisation maintains an ethos of working with, and supporting local communities and activities. Many of our young people are given the opportunity to gather invaluable experience through work placements. We have formed partnerships with local riding schools, toddler groups, hair and beauty trainers and hairdressers to give our children the chance to get a real understanding of work-related practice.

Along with work experience placements, we support attendance of additional courses & classes that provide opportunities to gain skills and integration within the community. Past examples include woodworking courses and art groups run by Norman Industries and VC Gallery. Our young people are encouraged to be involved with community events such as the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning fundraiser and bake for Children in Need.

For children aged 16 and over and ready to move on from Birribi education, we have developed excellent relationships with Careers Wales and local colleges and regularly attend open evenings and taster days. Every term, we receive a visit from the local police liaison officer who delivers lessons on subjects such as drugs and alcohol, staying safe within the community and online, as well as more specific issues related to the individual children. Another local organisation that we work with is Greenlinks (animal and woodland care) who are an important partner for developing and enhancing the lives of some of the young people at Birribi.

As a company, we aim to support the beliefs and ethos of our local schools. For those children who live in one of the Birribi homes but attend mainstream school, we ensure that our staff maintain regular communication with teachers by taking part in organised events at the school (such as monthly meetings, parents evenings, GCSE options, talks) and other school occasions such as sports day and school performances.

Our Education services work alongside Children’s Social Care to support transitions out of Residential Care and into Independent Living – through both developing life skills, and liaison with providers outside of Birribi.