We welcome informal enquiries regarding potential placements, please call or email and we will get back to you. 

Birribi is on the All-Wales Framework (4C’s) for referrals, where we post current vacancies. We welcome referral enquiries from the other 3 nations and also post our current vacancies on the CCRAG & ICHA data bases.  

The process begins with an initial discussion with our Operational Manager, and this is followed by us submitting an Expression of Interest. A pre-placement meeting would then take place.  

As our service is integrated, we require as much information as possible, we will send out our own referral form to be completed by the referrer and require copies of relevant reports before we can confirm any placement. We also seek the inclusion of education providers from the outset.  

Please note: we do not take emergency or same day referrals. 


To refer a child

Contact Birribi on 01834 818587 or email us below